Ireland Brown Constructions consists of over 80 dedicated, passionate and experienced team members. We are committed to strategic planning and delivering excellence across a variety of sectors around the state, including education, correctional, health and multi-level residential projects. From professional builders, engineers and project managers to finance, systems, quality and safety experts, our team prides itself on working together to offer clients an exceptional service from start to finish.


Ned Ireland

Ned is a registered building practitioner who has been involved in the construction industry for over 19 years. As co-founder and joint director, Ned has an active day-to-day role in providing leadership, direction and support to the senior management team and each of the business departments. This extends into business development and strategy, managing strong client relationships, risk management, project delivery, company systems implementation and commercial management. Ned  carries a strong sense of pride in Ireland Brown Constructions, values  the opportunities presented and continues to drive improvement and ongoing success within the organisation.


Nigel Brown

As a qualified building practitioner with over 20 years industry experience, Nigel provides decisive leadership to the company. Working closely with the project teams, consultants, clients and subcontractors, Nigel ensures the standards, codes of practice, regulations and legislative requirements are adhered to, as well as encouraging continued innovation.

General Manager

John Moran

John has worked in the construction industry for over 26 years on a wide variety of Projects ranging from $3M in value to $330M and is familiar with many types of construction delivery methods and Contracts. As General Manager for IBC, John has overall responsibility for the delivery of all of our Projects and implementation of our systems. John has a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) and his Construction and Project Management experience covers many industry sectors including Corrections, Emergency Services, Telecommunications, Rail and General Construction. John’s construction and business knowledge and experience will help ensure that all of our projects are delivered to the expectations of our Clients.

Construction Manager

Damian Williams

Having worked in the industry for over 28 years, Damian has extensive construction and project management experience. As Construction Manager, Damian is responsible for ensuring that all projects are on schedule and that project teams are adequately resourced. His knowledge of the construction process, coupled with his experience in major projects and exceptional communication skills, ensures that program risks are identified and managed during the early stages of the project and risks and site issues do not impact the overall program. Damian is a well respected and invaluable team member.

Construction Manager

David Gurr

David is registered commercial builder with over 25 years of experience leading projects in all sectors of the industry. As Construction Manager, David ensures that all of our projects are sufficiently resourced, programs are achieved, OHS, Environmental and Quality benchmarks are reached, and that our clients’ project goals are met. David provides vital pre-construction support to our teams on new projects.