Project Update || Providence Aged Care

IB Constructions

04 Sep 2017

IBC have successfully completed demolition of stage 1 of the Providence Aged Care Facility. The works involved demolishing part of the existing structure while maintaining the live environment.

We made it a high priority to ensure all isolations, diversions & decommissioning works would not affect the day to day operations of the facility. These works included decommissioning/diverting power, gas, nurse call systems, security, fire sprinklers & fire occupant warning systems. Thorough investigations were completed to ensure we knew if services would need to be cut temporarily so we had time to warn the client and appropriately time the shutdown.

Over the next week we will be cutting part of the existing roof structure and propping directly adjacent to the meals area where residents spend most of their day. Multiple services diversions are required to ensure this is done without disrupting service to the meals area.

Over the coming weeks we will be completing civil works, piling, sewer diversion and in ground structure works. We have submitted an alternative piling design to increase value and efficiency for all parties involved.

IBC are excited to get this project fully underway! Continue to watch this space for further updates as the project progresses.