St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Johnstaff projects

$3 Million

Time Frame
May 2013 – October 2013

IBC were engaged for the St Vincent’s Healy Wing Level 2 Refurbishment in April 2013.

The aim of the project was to convert 1,500m2 of redundant floor area into consulting suites and offices for St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

Before the project was awarded to the preferred contractor, IBC collaborated with the design team to identify cost saving opportunities, this process lasted approximately 2 weeks and once several of the VM options proposed were accepted IBC were awarded the contract.

The project was located on level 2 of the Healy Wing which is over one hundred years old, the logistical issues involved working on a floor that was sandwiched between two levels that had consulting suites and minimal acoustics between them due to age of the building, due to the nature of operations on these floors, most of the construction noisy works were completed after hours. The other main logistical issue was the delivery of materials to the work area this was bypassed by a combination of using the building elevators after hours and the cranage of materials directly from the street/carpark.

This project was not a traditional medical fit-out as it also included structural upgrades to the building, incorporating a curtain wall system on the internal face of an external balcony for extra administration space and repairs to the masonry facade.

This was a project that had many challenges and complexities but was still completed on time and handed over in order for St Vincent’s to commence their operations as scheduled.