HM Barwon Prison
Project Name Client Superintendent Value Time Frame
HM Barwon Prison Department of Justice, Victoria Guymer Bailey Architects $5 Million September 2005 - July 2006
Project Name
HM Barwon Prison
Client Department of Justice, Victoria
Superintendent Guymer Bailey Architects
Value $5 Million
Time Frame September 2005 - July 2006

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The project consisted of the following works:

  • Demolition and construction of a new gatehouse using a combination of concrete, steel, masonry and precast concrete structure built to an architectural profile. The internal fit out included the installation of a new reception area and logging facilities, search rooms, drug and explosive detection rooms, staff rooms and general amenities.
  • An extension to the High Security Acacia unit to create a professional and non-contact visits area using a combination of concrete, masonry and steelwork. The internal fit out included non-contact visit cubicles, a contact visits room, search room, office and amenities.
  • A prisoner reception post consisting of a heavy duty steel frame with explosive resistant glass. The internal fit out created a guard control consol and an amenities area.
  • Removal and repair of 50% of the internal security road and replacement of the taut wire security fence.

Security works entailed:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing taut wire fence included ground and concrete works.
  • Upgrade of the CCTV system
  • Installation of Thermal Imaging Camera’s
  • Replacement of photo-electric beams
  • The upgrade of the security management system
  • Installation of a new biometric system for prison entry and exit control.