Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
Project Name Client Superintendent Value Time Frame
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre Department of Justice, Victoria Department of Justice, Victoria $6 Million March 2007 - May 2008
Project Name
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
Client Department of Justice, Victoria
Superintendent Department of Justice, Victoria
Value $6 Million
Time Frame March 2007 - May 2008

The project required the upgrade and extension to several existing prison buildings, the construction of a new Programs Building, security services upgrade, fire services upgrade, electrical and hydraulic site services and infrastructure works.
These building works included:
• Expansion and upgrade of the Industries facilities
• Expansion and upgrade of the Visits centre
• Expansion and upgrade of the Medical centre
• Expansion and upgrade of the Education centre
• Establishment of a new Mental Health Unit
• Creation of a new Programs building
• Upgrade of the Operations Managers Offices
• Creation of a Multi Faith building
There was a new services pit and pipe system that comprised of ten 100mm conduits installed through the centre of the Prison for new power and communication services and for future services upgrades. This was a particularly challenging installation due to the huge array of essential services buried in the ground and very limited knowledge of their location.
The infrastructure upgrades were staged over approximately 14 months. Building works were staged to suit the Prisons operational requirements and to allow prisoner rehabilitation and training programs to continue running. Ireland Brown Constructions provided monthly, weekly, and daily program updates to ensure the Prisons planning coincided with the Construction Planning and to ensure Prisoners were relocated as necessary out of new construction zones and back into completed facilities.
Due to the Prisons requirement for maintaining an operational facility throughout the duration of the project Ireland Brown Constructions worked closely with the Prisons Security Operations team and Management to schedule the works around lockdown schedules, muster times and drug dispensing programs.