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Management Systems


Ireland Brown Constructions has implemented a Business Management System (BMS) that incorporates the Occupation Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental systems. The BMS has been designed to enhance our project delivery and has achieved independent accreditation in Occupational Health and Safety AS/NZS 4801:2001, Environmental ISO 14001:2004 and Quality Standards ISO 9001:2008. Ireland Brown Constructions is also accredited with the Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC).

The BMS is designed to ensure Safety, Environment and Quality compliance in accordance with:

- Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and Environmental legislation and the Regulations,
- the standards specified in relevant contracts and codes of practices,
- Client Specifications
- AS/NZS 4801 – Safety
- AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Quality
- AS/NZS ISO 14001 – Environment

Our Business Management System provides consistent procedures and supporting documentation that are applied to each project.  Measurable objectives and targets are set and implemented at every stage of a project.  Through training IBC ensure that all staff and contractors understand our policy and their responsibility to maintain the highest level of quality, safety and environmental performance.  This enables IBC to manage projects effectively and respond to client concerns and project issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Staff input and involvement is essential in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards and risks in order to achieve a safe work environment and a sustainable environment.  All staff and contractors are inducted in the BMS and are familiar with the safe work methods and risk management techniques and implement them on Ireland Brown Constructions projects.

We continuously monitor the BMS to ensure its ongoing improvement and update our operations to achieve excellent time, safety, environmental, quality assurance and cost standards.  This ensures our operating model remains relevant and provides the most effective and appropriate methods of procedure to support the building process.



Ireland Brown Constructions applies Quality Assurance practices to ISO 9001. 

Ireland Brown Constructions recognises and is committed to its responsibility to deliver high quality building projects that meet the requirements of the specification contract and the client expectations. We aim to deliver a high quality service as well as final building quality for all our projects.

Ireland Brown Constructions is committed to stakeholder satisfaction, in particular client satisfaction and with this in mind we review all our projects to ensure that we maintain continuous improvement in these key areas.

Our Business Management System provides mechanisms and measures to ensure that the quality of the delivered product is reviewed and monitored throughout the duration of the project, IBC aims to continually improve in this area.

Quality Objectives

- Ensure projects are delivered according to the clients requirements
- Implement internal procedures to control and review the building process
- Provide records as evidence of conformity to Specifications and Australian Standards, legislation and   regulation



Ireland Brown Constructions applies Safety Management practices to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Ireland Brown Constructions recognizes and is committed to its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees.

To achieve this commitment Ireland Brown Constructions will establish and monitor measurable objectives, and will comply with all the defined policies and procedures defined within the IBC BMS, and all legislative and regulatory requirements.

Ireland Brown Constructions will ensure, as far as is practicable that:

- It complies with all relevant occupational health and safety legislation;
- A safe and healthy work environment is provided for its employees, subcontractors and visitors;
- There is regular consultation with employees to ensure that the policy operates effectively;
- Appropriate actions are taken to ensure continuous improvement in our occupational health and safety performance



Ireland Brown Constructions is accredited to the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004

IBC have an integrated Environmental Management System that all our sites adhere to.

Environmental Objectives

- To comply with the Environmental legislation, regulations and standards
- To minimise the environmental impact of IBC project operations
- To provide an ergonomic, healthy and safe working environment for all employees
- Provide procedures to address environmental issues
- To safe guard our environment for generations to come